Freebies for Attending our Live Event

Thanks for attending this evening’s Facebook Live with our friend Josh Taylor. We hope you learned more than just what we enjoy to drink. (But hey, that’s not too bad either, right?)


If learning what we tip back after a long day wasn’t helpful, here are some useful freebies you can actually consume

Between Blue Skies Admin Service’s recruiting checklist — developed after 20 years of cleaning industry and small business experience — and Josh Taylor’s incredible sales guidelines, you’ll have enough step-by-step guidance to build yourself a healthy business. The simple equation of customers to serve + employees who serve them = success isn’t always easy to execute.

That’s why we give you the blueprints for both parts of that essential equation. You can fill out the form to get the formula for success, and if you need help executing, we’re here to help with that, too.

The trick is in the execution — that’s why we can give away the guidance because we know our biggest value is assisting with execution.


Now, get past our digital bouncer for access to some mostly-sober guidance

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