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We started as a window cleaning company, and now we’re here to help yours grow, too

Welcome to Blue Skies Admin Services!  You may have heard of our very own window washing and cleaning business, Blue Skies Services, which has four locations in three states.  We are still operating those businesses today — because we were able to find and hire great employees who can run the show on a day-to-day basis.

Let us quickly explain how we can do the same for you (find great employees, organize your books and grow your business, that is).  From our window washing and maid service success, we organically grew this administrative business to help other cleaning companies with their recruiting, bookkeeping and marketing.


Here’s why we say our admin business was “organically grown”

After years in the service industry, we have come to know several other cleaning business like ours.  We started helping each other out in various ways.  One way we helped was with recruiting. And, it worked for them!

Well, pretty soon, our friends told their friends about our recruiting assistance.  Soon, other companies who we didn’t know were trying to get ahold of us.  Before we knew it, the demand for recruiting, well — demanded that we start a new business!

We love doing this stuff – we had a recruiting system that took years to develop, and other companies found it helpful for themselves, too.  What more could you ask from life than finding something you enjoy doing that happens to benefit other people?  We consider ourselves lucky, and that’s why we love helping other companies grow.

Recruiting Services

The key to stable operations and growth is a constant flow of qualified applications.  It’s also one of the toughest tasks as a small business owner.

Our recruiting service is based on nearly 20 years of service industry experience, and our recruiting packages give you the impact of a part-time or full-time recruiter for a fraction of the cost.

As a Responsicon attendee you get half off our setup fee – that’s $225 of savings!  Then it’s just a matter of picking the package that’s right for you.  Setup a demo with the link above to see under the hood of our system and get signed up!

Guaranteed Hire package ($697)For four weeks you get custom labor market research, job ads written and posted for you based on your specific business culture and position needs, ad boosting research to help determine the best place to put your boosting money to work (note we don’t boost on our clients behalf, we consult them on where to boost if that extra juice is needed for their labor market), proven filtering tactics to find the top notch applicants so you don’t have to waste your time with unqualified candidates, and then you get the qualified candidates flowing into your inbox.  The guarantee is this: if we don’t help you find a new hire in those 4 weeks with the right boosting strategy we’ll recruit for you for another 4 weeks and our labor is free of charge.  **This is a one time service and is not something that can be repeated multiple times per year.

Seasonal Package ($197/month base fee and $300 for every 4 weeks you want to fire up recruiting efforts) – If you need to recruit a few months during the year to staff up then this is the right package for you.  You get everything included with the Guaranteed Hire Package but you get if for 12 months, add to that a career page that keeps working for you on google for jobs and an applicant filtering system that stays active even if you aren’t actively recruiting.  Then, when you need to push the gas pedal down, it only costs you $300 to fire things up with our recruiting efforts and add some gas to the fire.  You can always boost on top of that, which we generally encourage, and we’ll handle the analytics research to help determine where to put that boosting to work when you need it in place.  Last and definitely not least you also have access to an applicant tracking system that helps with onboarding paperwork after you hire someone, you can even plug in your background check software and other add-ons to streamline your new employee onboarding process.

 All-In Package ($397/month) – You get everything included with the Seasonal Package but you get it all day, every day, all year long.  We are your full time recruiting department.  Your ads will be posted at all times and all the flood gates will be open.  In this challenging of a labor market we think this is a no-brainer. 


Bookkeeping Services

Before we even opened our first cleaning business — while it was in the planning stages — grappling with finances was the heftiest part. And our founder was a financial advisor! The trouble with bookkeeping is not just understanding business strategy and debt-cash-IRS-mega spreadsheet minutiae. It’s staying on top of it. Bookkeeping requires consistent hands-on monitoring, maintenance, and reporting.

It might be tempting to handle your books on your own or have your office staff handle it to save a few bucks.  It might also be tempting to turn your books over to your tax accountant so you only have one bill and one relationship to manage.  We can tell you from experience, and the numerous clients we’ve had come our way from either of those scenarios, that they are generally not good options.  You probably don’t have the time or capacity to do your own books.  Your office person probably doesn’t have the accounting chops to rip out a journal entry for a vehicle trade in.  Your tax accountant probably doesn’t have the urgency to do bookkeeping weekly or the service industry knowledge to organize and report data that helps you make day to day operating decisions. Your financial statements are the best tool you have to scale your business.  Make sure you have experts on your side to do your bookkeeping weekly, provide monthly reporting, and align your finances with industry standard targets that help you stick to your business model and make great decisions that make you more money.

Because you found us at Responsicon, we’ll give you half off bookkeeping setup as well to save another $225!  Monthly pricing starts at just $150/month.  Setup a demo with the link above to learn more on how we provide amazing value, and get signed up!

Marketing Services

Marketing should not be complicated. Anywhere you look, you’ll find different marketing advice. Magic bullets. Fads. Sure-wins. Lots and lots of software, media, advice and services to buy.

The trick? Focus on the fundamentals, and test what works for your home services business.

In all of the digital and traditional marketing channels a home service company can choose from, there are three essential marketing channels that attract the right type of leads to scale your business.

  • Website/SEO Content
  • Google My Business (GMB) Management
  • Google Ads/PPC advertising

We can handle these three marketing fundamentals for your service business, just like we did for ours.

Because you found us at Responsicon, we’ll give you half off marketing setup as well to save yet another $225!  Fill out the form above and we’ll follow up with more details based on your specific needs.


If your interested in a specific service please sign up for a demo at the top of the page.  If you are interested in any future freebies, content, or any other cool stuff we have going on, fill out the form below.

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