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Before we even opened our first cleaning business — while it was in the planning stages — grappling with finances was the heftiest part of our business. And our founder was a financial advisor! The trouble with bookkeeping is not just understanding business strategy and debt-cash-IRS-mega spreadsheet minutiae. It’s staying on top of it. Bookkeeping requires consistent hands-on monitoring and maintenance.

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A customized bookkeeping service doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here’s why:

You would think a customized bookkeeping service (having a knowledgeable accountant oversee your books, clarify them and then help guide your business decisions) would be like paying for an on-demand, in-house mechanic to oversee your fleet on a regular basis.

Here’s the great thing: Our tailored bookkeeping service costs less than a part-time employee.

How is this possible? Our cleaning business was founded by a financial advisor, and his successor was a finance triple-major who became an accountant, then a risk manager before passing the CFA exams (not a simple feat). When he left the corporate world, he applied all of that financial gusto as CEO of Blue Skies Services, a $3 million cleaning company in four locations.

These experiences were the perfect mix to create a bookkeeping system specifically geared toward service businesses who serve clients in their homes or offices:

We provide bookkeeping to these types of service companies

  • Cleaning companies
  • Landscaping companies
  • Carpet cleaning companies
  • HVAC companies
  • Powerwashing companies
  • Other residential and commercial service providers

Imagine not only getting your books in order, but understanding them and using them to your advantage. You can stop hiding from your spreadsheets, receipts and accounts and start leveraging them to guide your business based on reality.

That’s the transformative process we provide. We’ve been doing it for a while, which means can do it efficiently. Efficiency equals lower service costs for you.

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