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Get your company a full staff – with a bullpen of potential hires when you need them

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Package 1: Guaranteed Hire

This is our entry level service for smaller companies that don’t hire more than a few employees a year. We’ll write your online hiring ads, post them, get you applicants and you hire as many as you can in 4 weeks. If you do not hire one new employee in four weeks, we’ll post jobs for up to another four weeks.

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Package 2: The All-in Package

The All-In Package is a full-service recruiting package where we help you recruit and hire new employees from end-to-end. It’s like having a full-time recruiting firm working for you at a fraction of the cost.

Like the Guaranteed Hire package, we write ads and we get you applications rolling in, but from there instead of turning the applications over to you for screening, contacting and onboarding, but we take care of those things for you. All you have to do with our All-In Package is interview the candidates and choose who you want to hire. We’ll even help with onboarding paperwork in an automated system.

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Package 3: The Seasonal Package

The Seasonal Package is the same as the All-In Package, but you can recruit and trigger your recruiting efforts on-demand, as you need.

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Get your company a full staff – with a bullpen of potential hires when you need them


  • Finding employees
  • Keeping employees happy
  • Having employees stick around for a long time
  • Too much time spent on people management
  • Recruiting taking up too much time


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