Cleaning Business Today Webinar: Recruiting Service Offers Just For You

3 limited time offers


Sale #1: The Guaranteed Hire

Guaranteed Hire for $497: We’ll write your online hiring ads, post them, get you applicants and you hire as many as you can in 4 weeks. If you do not hire one new employee in four weeks, we’ll post jobs for up to another four weeks.


Sale #2: The Seasonal Package

Seasonal Package for $147/month + $300/month when active: Like the Guaranteed Hire package, the Seasonal Package includes written ads that roll in applicants, but from there, we keep helping you out. Instead of turning the applications over to you for screening, contacting and onboarding, but we take care of those things for you. All you have to do with our Seasonal Package is interview the candidates and choose who you want to hire.

This is for seasonal business or on-again off-again recruiting: You can lock in a low-rate for $147/month, and when you want to recruit, hire and onboard new employees, you can flip the switch for $300 additional dollars/month.


Sale #3: The All-In Package

The All-in Package-$347/month: This is the granddaddy of them all — the All-In Package is full-service, full-year recruiting at a great rate. You basically have a full-time recruiting team at a fraction of the cost. This is for businesses who are constantly hiring because they have multiple positions to hire, they are growing, they have ongoing and regular turnover because of a large employee base.

Automation enhancements with All-In Package

The All-In and Seasonal packages provide much more hiring assistance than the Guaranteed Hire. It’s an automated system we tap you into, helping you throughout the recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding process.

Here are a few specific examples of the additional services you receive with the All-In and Seasonal packages:

  • We create an online application with knock out questions and open ended questions that have been carefully researched and proven successful
  • We have your applicants complete two online assessments Pre-Hire and Pre-Interview
  • We careful review and evaluate their job history, assessments, and answers on application
  • ONLY the best of the best will be asked to interview-  we request interviews on your behalf
  • You just sit back and wait for the best of the best to request a day/time to interview with you

You’re not only saving money with this Cleaning Business Today Webinar offer, but you’re getting your foot in the door. Yes, the All-In and Seasonal Packagers are annual packages with a monthly fee, but if you sign up before the Wednesday deadline, you are not locked in to a year contract. If you buy the first month of access today, you are not locked in for a year. We will ask you after your first 4-weeks if you want to commit to the full package, but you are not committing to that today.

Fill out the form below before the offer ends!

Fill out the information below to select the Recruiting Package that fits you best and we’ll take you to the final checkout page.
Fill out the information below to select the Recruiting Package that fits you best and we'll take you to the final checkout page.
^Please note that if your industry category is not listed we are not yet rolling out recruiting service for that category, yet. We will be updating service as we expand.

How this will work after you fill out the form

So, if you’re interested in one of the sale offers, you may be asking, “How do we do this, and what am I buying into before this deadline? What am I committing myself to?”


How we do this — what happens next?

So when you fill out the form below, you’ll be redirected to the final purchase page, where you can choose your recruiting package. After you pay on the next page, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your receipt, and you’ll get an email from us to schedule a kick-off call. That email will also have a link to a profile you will fill out. That profile will be a vital first step to your recruiting success because that profile helps us tailor ads to what you need and to your geographic area and industry.

So — after you fill out the form, you’ll have a Kick Off call where Dan or Shawn give you welcome and rundown. You’ll have a profile to help open up the applicant fire hose. You’ll have a team getting started on setting up your recruiting infrastructure — at a savings of $300 to $500. We provide you an economy of scale that any one small business alone could not achieve, which is why we’re doing what we’re doing for a low price.


What am I committing to?

With the Guaranteed Hire you are committing to just one month of recruiting assistance — you’re getting ads and applicant flow, a pool of people to choose form for interviewing and hiring. There is not long-term obligation or contract. If you don’t hire someone in four weeks, we’ll run ads and send you applicants for another 4 weeks.

With the All-In and Seasonal Package you are buying not only ad writing and applicant flow but assistance with applicant vetting, interview scheduling and if you hire someone, onboarding paperwork.

That’s why this is such a great offer. That’s why we’re limiting it to 24 hours. That’s why this is a great opportunity to see what we can do for your business in a tight labor market.


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Grow through our experience

Blue Skies Admin Services believes that small businesses are built off the backs of plow horses, not show horses. It’s the belief that formed the basis of our interior/exterior home cleaning company, Blue Skies Services, which has almost 100 employees in multiple locations across the U.S.

Maintaining the staff to support market demand was how we grew our businesses, and we’re now offering you access to the same team and systems. Benefit from the scale we created without incurring the time, costs and risks of scaling up yourself. 

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