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We started as a window cleaning company, and now we’re here to help yours grow, too

Welcome to Blue Skies Admin Services! You may have heard of our very own window washing and cleaning business, Blue Skies Services, which has four locations in three states. We have sold those businesses today after growing them! Now we can focus all our energy on helping YOUR business grow by providing you with excellent Bookkeeping Services!

Let us quickly explain how we can do the same for you (organize your books and grow your business, that is). From our window washing and maid service success, we organically grew this business to help other cleaning companies and home service industries with their bookkeeping.

Here’s why we say our admin business was “organically grown”

After years in the service industry, we have come to know several other businesses like ours. We started helping each other out in various ways.

Pretty soon, our friends told their friends about our Bookkeeping assistance. Soon, other companies who we didn’t know were trying to get a hold of us.

We love doing this stuff!

Bookkeeping Services – save on registration fees:

Before we even opened our first cleaning business — while it was in the planning stages — grappling with finances was the heftiest part of our business. And our founder was a financial advisor! The trouble with bookkeeping is not just understanding business strategy and debt-cash-IRS-mega spreadsheet minutiae. It’s staying on top of it. Bookkeeping requires consistent hands-on monitoring and maintenance.

Because you heard about us through Keith, we’ll give you half off the bookkeeping setup!

Contact us to learn more and lock in your savings with no obligation!

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