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We started as a window cleaning company, and now we’re here to help yours grow, too

Welcome to Blue Skies Admin Services! You may have heard of our very own window washing and cleaning business, Blue Skies Services, which has four locations in three states. We are still operating those businesses today — because we were able to find and hire great employees who can run the show on a day-to-day basis.

Let us quickly explain how we can do the same for you (find great employees, organize your books and grow your business, that is). From our window washing and maid service success, we organically grew this administrative business to help other cleaning companies with their recruiting, bookkeeping and marketing.


Here’s why we say our admin business was “organically grown”

After years in the service industry, we have come to know several other cleaning business like ours. We started helping each other out in various ways. One way we helped was with recruiting. And, it worked for them!

“That’s great,” We’d say after helping another company find some reliable employees. “Thanks for your help, fellow cleaner, on finding the right equipment to clean those slippery cedar roofs.”

(I mean, this was not verbatim, just an example of how companies help each other out — you know how it goes!)

Well, pretty soon, our friends told their friends about our recruiting assistance. Soon, other companies who we didn’t know were trying to get ahold of us. Before we knew it, the demand for recruiting, well — demanded that we start a new business!

We love doing this stuff – we had a recruiting system that took years to develop, and other companies found it helpful for themselves, too. What more could you ask from life than finding something you enjoy doing that happens to benefit other people? We consider ourselves lucky, and that’s why we love helping other companies grow.

Bookkeeping Services – save on registration fees:

Before we even opened our first cleaning business — while it was in the planning stages — grappling with finances was the heftiest part of our business. And our founder was a financial advisor! The trouble with bookkeeping is not just understanding business strategy and debt-cash-IRS-mega spreadsheet minutiae. It’s staying on top of it. Bookkeeping requires consistent hands-on monitoring and maintenance.

Because you heard about us through Keith, we’ll give you half off bookkeeping setup as well!


Our Recruiting Services

The key to stable operations and growth is a constant flow of qualified applications. It’s also one of the toughest tasks as a small business owner.

Our recruiting service is based on nearly 20 years of service industry experience, and our recruiting packages give you the impact of a part-time or full-time recruiter for a fraction of the cost.


Our Recruiting Packages and Your Savings

As a friend of Keith Kalfas, you get half off our registration fee – that’s $225 off!

Quality employees are your biggest asset because they stabilize your operations, accelerate your growth and most of all — save you time as a business owner. Anything that saves you time is gold in a small business. Anything that gets the ticky-tacky tactics off your plate is precious. Your day should be spent on things that give you a return on your time investment. The rest can be outsourced to a value-added resource.

Because you are a friend of Keith’s, we’re offering you a big chance to save on our recruiting services.

With our Guaranteed Hire package, you get ads written and posted for you, based on your specific business and needs, and you get applications flowing into your inbox. We will help you weed through the list of candidates who accumulate in this four-week service package.

With our All-In and Seasonal Packages, you not only get ads written and applications sent to your inbox, but we also help screen candidates for interviews and help with onboarding paperwork after you hire someone.


Marketing Services:

You guessed it, you’ll save on registration fees for marketing, too …

Marketing should not be complicated. Anywhere you look, you’ll find different marketing advice. Magic bullets. Fads. Sure-wins. Lots and lots of software, media, advice and services to buy.

The trick? Focus on the fundamentals, and test what works for your home services business.

In all of the digital and traditional marketing channels a home service company can choose from, there are three essential marketing channels that attract leads, convert them to clients and then maintain a long-term customer relationship (assuming you don’t break their stuff and you’re nice.)

  • Copywriting (applicable in all marketing/advertising)
  • Google Ads/PPC advertising
  • Email marketing or email nurturing

We can handle these three marketing fundamentals for your service business, just like we did for ours.


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