Cleaning Business Today Webinar On Recruiting

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Thank you so much for attending the webinar hosted by Cleaning Business Today. The key to stable operations and growth is a constant flow of qualified applications. It’s also one of the toughest tasks as a small business owner.


Choose your own adventure (or both!)

Recruiting Checklist Button: If you’re looking for some guidance for recruiting rockstar candidates and how to filter through them, fill out the short form below to get an extensive, free recruiting checklist that helped us grow our business.

“Recruiting packages – SALE!” Button: If you need a recruiting department but can’t afford one, we have solutions for you. We designed our recruiting services with small businesses in mind.

With our Guaranteed Hire package, you get ads written and posted for you, based on your specific business and needs, and you get applications flowing into your inbox.

With our All-In and Seasonal Packages, you not only get ads written and applications sent to your inbox, but we also help screen candidates for interviews and help with onboarding paperwork after you hire someone.


And as a Cleaning Business Today webinar attendee, you can take advantage of a 24-hour offer.

Quality employees are your biggest asset because they stabilize your operations, accelerate your growth and most of all — save you time as a business owner. Anything that saves you time is gold in a small business. Anything that gets the ticky-tacky tactics off your plate is precious. Your day should be spent on things that give you a return on your time investment. The rest can be outsourced to a value-added resource. 


Specializing and outsourcing: Finding the right people and partners to grow your business to the next level.

There is no buffer between your customer and your product. YOUR PEOPLE ARE YOUR PRODUCT

YOU NEED THE BEST PEOPLE, the only real competitive advantage you can have is truly your people.

Stop wasting time on writing and managing job posts. Stop wasting your time chasing applicants and filling out paperwork only to have them no show.


Why you might hold off on buying the recruiting package

  1. You can do it yourself. But, before you go this route, consider what it takes, the ad writing ability, the volume of candidates that you need and the time it takes YOU (not someone else whose hour-by-hour time costs far less) to do it.
  2. You don’t want to spend the money. This could be a good reason, too, but be careful not to fool yourself here. You are going to spend this money either directly or through your time, think about your return on investment.

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